Battle of the Palettes: Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette vs Bad Habits Aphrodite Palette

People often ask me questions like what products I use? Where I get them from? How much it cost?

The thing is, once I tell them I get the same reaction of “OH HELL NO!”

What most people don’t know is that there are “DUPES” and “LOOK ALIKES” for just about anything you want today, INCLUDING MAKEUP.

I know many of you are interested in makeup and curious about many products.

I’m sure that’s why you’re here.

However not everyone has the extra money to invest in hi-end products, but do that mean you shouldn’t be able to explore and enjoy the wonderful world of makeup…

NO, of course not!

shene thomass

With that being said, this look was done with two eyeshadow palettes (one on each eye).

Can you see the difference?


Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette $65
Bad Habits Aphrodite Palette $14

Looking at both palettes side by side, you can see that there are obvious differences. The placement of similar shadow colors is completely different. However, if you do look for matching colors, you will more than likely find it. There may be a slight difference in the color and pigmentation. Bad Habits Aphrodite Palette, in my opinion, is the closest dupe to the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette that I have seen so far. So the answer to the million dollar question that what you all are asking, Is It Worth It?


All swatches are HUDA BEAUTY (left) and BAD HABITS (right). 23B65EE1-3F33-49C1-9627-1695946C0A4C



My overall opinion on the palettes is this, I like both of them. While all these shadows are very pigmented and easily buildable, what surprised me the most was that the Bad Habits Aphrodite shadows were more buttery than the Huda Beauty Rose Gold shadows. The downfall to both of them is the fallout, with just a tad bit more from the Bad Habits Palette. For the price of the $14, the Bad Habits Palette is so worth the $51 in savings over the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. The shimmers in both palettes are incredible and will blow you away. What I noticed though was that the Bad Habits shimmers are easily applied, perhaps easier than the Huda Beauty. These products are not counterfeit and do not contain harmful chemicals. It makes you wonder how a company can do all that for $14, which is more than 75% less than the Huda Beauty Palette.





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